Our Spirits

  • GLEN SAANICH – Single Malt Limited Release

    45% alc/vol - 750ml ml - 2016 year

    Sold Out - 2017 Release is now sold out. Please watch for the release date, we will welcome you to taste the Glen Saanich as it is aging and will release year 3 sales.Crafted from locally grown and traditionally floor malted barley, this first release has rich amber colour, tinge of orange; sweet oatmeal cookie front of palate; sweetness turns to marzipan and dried fruit in mid-palate; barrel spices take over in finish; clove, allspice, nutmeg; a hint of smoke from ex-Bourbon barrels. Smooth but lingering finish.

  • Sitka Vodka

    42% alc/vol - 375 ml - year

    Like a walk in the woods, Sitka Vodka is a true spirit of the West. This collaboration with Sitka is distilled from de Vine's own wine grapes and wild harvested spruce tips, this is a unique addition to Caesars, Vodka Tonics or on its own over ice. $5 from each bottle will be contributed to the Sitka Society for Conservation.


    45% alc/vol - 750 ml - 2016 year

    The Original Dutch Style Gin, crafted from locally grown and malted barley. With over twenty rare, medicinal botanicals, this complex Gin is the perfect cocktail base.


    42% alc/vol - 375 ml - 2015 year

    A lush, jam-packed brandy that was double-distilled from wild Vancouver Island blackberries. A great sipping brandy, it is also a wonderful addition to your martini or try it in your next iced tea or Sangria.


    42% alc/vol - 750 ml - 2015 year

    Vancouver Island meets Barbados in this rich, honey-based Spirit. The result is an elegant spirit, amber-coloured, smooth and full of spice. If we could we would call it BC’s only native Rum but instead it is the Honey Shine!


    42% alc/vol - 375 ml - 2015 year

    In the tradition of a fine French Calvados, we fermented & distilled organic BC apples and pears, then aged the spirit in once-used whiskey casks. Rich, lingering flavours of baked apple, bourbon, and spice. A limited first release.

  • VIN GIN Distilled from Wine Grapes

    45% alc/vol - 750 ml - 2015 year

    Grapes, not grain, make our Gin unique. Our base spirit is double distilled from BC winegrapes, including our own estate Pinot Gris and Gruner Veltliner. A third distillation marries the spirit with a dozen organic and wild-gathered botanicals to create a distinctively smooth West Coast Gin.


    45% alc/vol - 750 ml - 2015 year

    Old Tom Gin was a mainstay of Dickens’ London, and a standard on any respectable barshelf for a century. It seems that enterprising publicans used the symbol of a black cat to signal passersby that Gin could be had therein. One simply dropped a coin in the cat’s mouth and the unseen barkeep would pour a shot to the customer on the street. Our barrel-aged New Tom Gin pays homage to that original style: rich, amber, with a hint of fruity sweetness.

de Vine Spirits: Victoria’s Iconic Craft Distillery

A century and a half ago, the Saanich Peninsula was the breadbasket of Vancouver Island, supplying the boomtown of Fort Victoria with everything from fresh milk, to spring lambs, and elderberry wine. Today, de Vine Spirits continues in a tradition of eating – and of course, drinking – locally. We are proud to offer Vancouver Island with gin, vodka, and whiskey made using traditional techniques and island ingredients.

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