Vermouth’s Bittersweet Revenge at Cornucopia

Vermouth’s Bittersweet Revenge at Cornucopia Photo
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Vermouth’s Bittersweet Revenge at Cornucopia



It’s The Vermouth Renaissance, and you’re invited!


This coming November 11th at Cornucopia join Ken Winchester, Master Distiller and Winemaker of De Vine Wines & Spirits, and world-renowned mixologist Shawn Soole of Foxtrot Tango Whisky Bar









There’s no doubt about it, that mysterious concoction you remember collecting dust in your grandmother’s liquor cabinet…is back! Vermouth is widely known as a key ingredient for classic martinis and complicated cocktails where one finds themselves needing to Google most of the ingredients.

But the truth is, Vermouth is way more than the sum of its parts and doesn’t have to be confusing; in fact, it can be fantastically simple. For starters, it’s great for your digestion (that’s right, we said it, it’s good for you!)

Vermouth can be bitter, savoury, sweet, or briny like sea salt, it can fill your senses with exotic spices, and cleanse your palate with a melody of citrus all in the same mouthful.

You don’t want to miss this expert panel on The Bartender’s Best Friend: Vermouth. Geek out with Ken as he takes you way back into the history and science behind this diversifying elixir; then get ready to up your cocktail game with Shawn on a journey through a balancing act of bitter and sweet. You will be on your way in no time to mastering the ways of the modern Vermouth.

Tickets will sell out, get yours Here!


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