Get on the Bus to Whisky School

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Get on the Bus to Whisky School

Get on the bus to Whisky School!


Go behind the scenes of a working Distillery. Join Master Distiller Ken Winchester for a fun and informative hands-on introduction to the art of Whisky, from grain to glass.

Start the evening by participating in an actual Whisky run on our vintage German potstill, Brunhilde, while sipping a house-made cocktail. Learn all about the origins of Whisky, the different designations, styles, grains, and barrels. Then join us in our tasting room for a guided flight through a selection of Whiskies from around the world, including our very own Glen Saanich Single Malt; discuss flavour profiles and geographical characteristics.

We can curate the De Vine Whisky School to be anything from an introductory class for those who know nothing about Whisky (other than the joy of drinking it), to a deep dive into the geekier and technical side of the spirit.


Tuition starts at $80.00/person

Fee includes round trip transportation, program and all tasting included. Private group bookings available with optional pick-up location.

Gift Certificates Available.

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