de Vine Cask Club Offers Good Spirits

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de Vine Cask Club Offers Good Spirits

SOLD OUT until 2018! We are pleased to announce the first release of our Single Malt Casks. Take this opportunity to experience the distillery and become a part of the Whisky Culture at de Vine Wines & Spirits.

Cask Club at de Vine

de Vine Spirits is pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to experience the spirit of the distillery. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own barrel of Whisky? DeVine’s Cask Club invites you and your friends to put your name on your very own barrel, filled with 30 litres of our Glen Saanich Single-Malt Whisky. One of the most enjoyable and informative parts of owning your own barrel is visiting it. Every few months you and your friends can enjoy a private tasting, pulling precious samples from your barrel with a traditional Valinch (thief). You can let it age until you decide it’s ready to drink. Then we’ll bottle and label it for you. You can even keep the barrel.

About Glen Saanich Single Malt:

Our Whisky is made from the finest local Saanich barley, and floor-malted locally on the Saanich Peninsula. We have mashed, fermented, and distilled it twice, then aged the spirit in once-used Bourbon barrels in the tradition of the finest Scotch Whisky.

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GLEN SAANICH – Single Malt

GLEN SAANICH – Single Malt

Glen Saanich Whisky – release 2018

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