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Just when you thought de Vine Vineyards couldn’t get any better, we go and make your dreams come true by starting a distillery. Good things come to those who wait, we are pleased to introduce you to our premium line up of Spirits.

VIN GIN – Grapes, not grain, make our Gin unique. Our base spirit is double distilled from BC winegrapes, including our own estate Pinot Gris and Gruner Veltliner. A third distillation marries the spirit with a dozen organic and wild-gathered botanicals to create a distinctively smooth West Coast Gin. Vancouver Island has a new craft gin that is elegant and sophisticated!

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NEW TOM – Old Tom Gin was a mainstay of Dickens’ London, and a standard on any respectable bar shelf for a century. It seems that enterprising publicans used the symbol of a black cat to signal passersby that Gin could be had therein. One simply dropped a coin in the cat’s mouth and the unseen barkeep would pour a shot to the customer on the street. Our barrel-aged New Tom Gin pays homage to that original style: rich, amber, with a hint of fruity sweetness. This stunning craft spirit can convert the whiskey lovers to Gin.

GENEVER – Our recipe dates from the early 1600’s, when the Dutch East India fleet roamed the seas in search of exotic spices. Unlike our Vin Gin and New Tom, Genever is distilled from malted barley, then infused with more than 20 rare botanicals. de Vine is the first distillery in North America to produce three styles of Gin, spanning a five century evolution of the great spirit.

HONEY SHINE – Vancouver Island meets Barbados in this rich, honey-based Spirit. The result is an elegant spirit, amber-coloured, smooth and full of spice. A fast fan favourite, our Honey Shine is a versatile spirit, often caught posing as other spirits when not used in Rum cocktails.

BLACK BEAR – this hard to get your hands on dark spiced Honey Shine is a rare treat indeed. Sip it on it’s own, or add a couple of cubes of ice, this rich spirit is sure to please. Yes you can mix in cocktails as a dark spiced rum!
POMME – This elegant fruit brandy is made in the style of Calvados. With rich ripe fruit and baking spice aromas, this barrel aged brandy is best sipped in a snifter, but makes some fantastic cocktails; if we do say so.
BLACK RAM – Wild harvested, local blackberries give this brandy a fragrant bouquet and although you can sip and taste the fruit, this spirit makes a variety of tasty cocktails that will have you dreaming of summer days.

GLEN SAANICH – Our Single Malt is resting in barrel, this stunning spirit is crafted from locally grown and malted barley. Vancouver Island grown and distilled.

Experience a taste of Vancouver Island in your glass. Our Master Distiller has prepared the finest lineup of spirits, and now they are available for you to enjoy.

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GLEN SAANICH – Single Malt

GLEN SAANICH – Single Malt

Glen Saanich Whisky – release 2018

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